Smoothie. A meal in a glass. And not any meal. A meal fast and nutritious. Made right. Provided with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it should contain. All antioxidants and fiber. Generally, all those elements that make it not only enjoyable but also incredibly nutritious for our body! A drink that can act as a snack, but also as a main meal – depending on what we supply! Best of all? We can tailor it exactly to our needs (with the advice of our nutritionist if we try to lose weight or our doctor if we follow a special diet) simply by adding the right ingredients. And, you know something? A smoothie can be a lot more than fruit, yogurt and ice … How do we make it? Here goes…

Select the base

We add a … wet element of our liking: Milk (regular, soy, almond or coconut), fruit juice, iced tea, even coffee are some of our alternatives. Finally, we should not forget that the more juice the fruits and vegetables have chosen, the less liquid we need to add.
Add fruits and vegetables

Choose at least two different fruits – fresh or frozen. Also, if we want to make our smoothie even more … green, we do not hesitate to add some vegetables except fruits and vegetables. rocket, spinach or kale.

We are working “on its recommendation

Bad Lies: If there is something we love in a good smoothie, this is its rich, creamy texture. A little peanut butter or yoghurt, an ice cream ball, and even a few ice cubes that will be poured into the mixer along with the other ingredients, can give us the result we want.
We give him the flavor

Sweeteners, spices, and some fresh herbs can instantly upgrade the final flavor. Sugar, honey, stevia, vanilla or almond distillate, cinnamon, maple syrup, or a little fresh mint – these are some of our alternatives, of course, countless!


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