It is the person we are addressing when we want to lose weight. But what does a dietician do when she wants to lose some pounds? After we asked Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist Marietta Marcosi what we should eat for lunch but also what to choose for dinner if we want to lose pounds then we asked her to share with us her favorite light recipes:

“My favorite short-term lunch, which I make quick, is healthy and is mainly kept in the refrigerator and therefore I can consume it and at work it is a pasta salad. But even for dinner again a quick and tasty salad I would say is my favorite choice. It’s a dish that will fill me with me from the evening snack in front of the television, “she tells us.

Detailed options:


“Makaros Salad with wholemeal bowls, colorful peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh onion, corn, avocado, low fat cheese and minimal olive oil. It contains all the macro-constituents (carbohydrates, proteins and “good” fat), it is cool so it does not create discomfort and the feeling that we can not work after eating and at the same time contains the favorite – at least women – macaroni, which makes a specific dish seems pretty tempting. ”

“Salad with smoked salmon, green salad (I choose roqueo as I think it balances salmon oil), cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds cleaned, 2 carrot sticks, a little cheese cream low in fat and 1 tbsp. olive oil. This dish is very nutritious because it is rich in protein (salmon, cheese), it creates a sense of satiety because it is rich in vegetable fibers (vegetables) and contains “good” fat (fish oil, monounsaturated and unsaturated fat).
Some additional tips that follow when you want to lose weight:

“I drink more water than usual in order to facilitate my intestinal function on the other hand in order to better metabolize food.”
“I eat only fruit in the middle”.
“I never miss my intervals.”
“I fill the refrigerator with salads and I make sure that my meal consists of a salad in which I will add the other meals, thus avoiding the sting and the large portions.”
“I strengthen my exercise by increasing training sessions or the duration of each session”.


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